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Formula Edge™ Inter-School A.I. Racing Competition

Date:  16-18 December 2022    Venue: Christian Alliance International School​


Smart City Consortium


Smart City Consortium (SCC) is formed by a group of professionals from different corporations and organizations to provide opinions and suggestions to the Government for formulating related policies and standards in the development of Hong Kong as a world-class smart city.




STEM PLUS Limited is an experienced event organizer and a supplier of STEM products and solutions.

(Listed in no particular order)

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Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau

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Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited 

Christian Alliance
International School

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Hong Kong Productivity Council

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

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Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 1.56.15 AM.png
Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 1.59.52 AM.png
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Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 1.48.46 AM.png

Hong Kong Education City

Computer Processor


Why AI? 

To the general public, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is complicated and impossible to understand. However, it’s an approach to managing and processing data; it’s rooted in engineering; a way of problem-solving and designing solutions in an entirely new way

Why Formula-Edge™?

Edge computing is computing that’s done at or near the source of the data, without the need of subscribing to a public cloud, reducing overall entry barrier to learn and apply the latest AI technology, making it more approachable to teachers and students.

Why self-driving cars?

Amid the idea of a self-driving car is actively studied and tested for use on the road, with many open-source software, powerful single boards computers (which are well known to school) and machine learning tools available on the market, it becomes easier for teachers and students to create a self-driving vehicle.


Motivate students to learn the latest AI technology without the need of expensive equipment via constructing such a car on a small scale using parts and software that are accessible to anyone on an affordable budget.

Expected outcome: 

  • Build up participants’ skills in coding, robotics and AI model building

  • Strengthen participants’ skills in team building and critical thinking

  • Serve as a simple testbed for different ideas in self-driving vehicles

Target Participants: P6 students or above in Hong Kong

Targeted number of participating schools: 50 to 80

Venue size of the competition:~1,000 to 1,500sqm. Total Venue size ~3900sqm



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