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Looking for a way to safely store your mask while you eat?
用餐時, 你有需要尋找暫存口罩的方法嗎?


The MASKfolio by PAPERY is a reusable mask folio for temporary mask storage. We have included inspiring quotes and designs to help shift your energy and boost your mood during challenging times.

PAPERY出品的MASKfolio是可重複使用的口罩伴侶,可用於暫時存放口罩及防止二次污染! 在充滿挑戰的時勢下, 我們加入正能量字句,加上多款有趣設計, 幫助你放鬆心情踢走負能量。


Formula Edge™ x Maskfolio Mask Case

    • Easily cleaned /容易清洗
    • Reusable /可重覆使用
    • Water repellent /疏水物料
    • Secure mask locking system /適用於外科口罩

    • Fits most surgical masks /獨有的口罩固定設計
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