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Formula Edge™ Inter-School A.I. Racing Competition

Date:  16-18 December 2022    Venue: Christian Alliance International School​


Smart City Consortium


Smart City Consortium (SCC) is formed by a group of professionals from different corporations and organizations to provide opinions and suggestions to the Government for formulating related policies and standards in the development of Hong Kong as a world-class smart city.




STEM PLUS Limited is an experienced event organizer and a supplier of STEM products and solutions.

(Listed in no particular order)

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Computer Processor


Why AI? 

To the general public, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is complicated and impossible to understand. However, it’s an approach to managing and processing data; it’s rooted in engineering; a way of problem-solving and designing solutions in an entirely new way

Why Formula-Edge™?

Edge computing is computing that’s done at or near the source of the data, without the need of subscribing to a public cloud, reducing overall entry barrier to learn and apply the latest AI technology, making it more approachable to teachers and students.

Why self-driving cars?

Amid the idea of a self-driving car is actively studied and tested for use on the road, with many open-source software, powerful single boards computers (which are well known to school) and machine learning tools available on the market, it becomes easier for teachers and students to create a self-driving vehicle.


Motivate students to learn the latest AI technology without the need of expensive equipment via constructing such a car on a small scale using parts and software that are accessible to anyone on an affordable budget.

Expected outcome: 

  • Build up participants’ skills in coding, robotics and AI model building

  • Strengthen participants’ skills in team building and critical thinking

  • Serve as a simple testbed for different ideas in self-driving vehicles

Registration Fee: ​$1,000 HKD per team

Target Participants: P6 students or above in Hong Kong

Targeted number of participating schools: 50 to 80

Venue size of the competition:~1,000 to 1,500sqm. Total Venue size ~3900sqm



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